About us

Laboratorium Naturella is a biotechnology research and implementation company that offers ecological body care for children and adults, as well as cleaning products consisting of at least 99% natural raw materials. Our credo is “more=less”, which stands for:  more health and more ecological solutions means less negative impact on the environment.

środku czystości ekologiczne do pielęgnacji domu Labolatorium Naturella

Modern, ecological and safe products

 Laboratorium Naturella’s product portfolio includes two brands: OnlyBio – personal care and hygiene products for adults, children, babies, newborns and OnlyEco – a range of eco cleaners.



Experienced team

Our products are the outcome of top-class specialists’ work. Our experts have considerable, long-standing experience of developing personal care products and household cleaners. Many years of our experience connected with production of regular body care products and domestic detergents, along with the knowledge of their negative impact on health and nature make us offer, in full awareness, eco – friendly and safe products to our consumers.

środku czystości ekologiczne do pielęgnacji domu Labolatorium Naturella

Pioneers in our field

We are the only ones in the world to use biorafinated rapeseed surfactin in our products.



We believe that the most comprehensive, eco-friendly and safe for human skin products are based on natural components. We use their properties as well as the theoretical knowledge and first-hand experience of specialists in various fields. We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality – efficient and effective and at the same time respectful of the world around us.