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kosmetyki naturalne do pięlęgnacji ciała Labolatorium Naturella

OnlyBio is a nourishing wash care for adults, children, babies and newborns. Their formulas have been developed with the intention of satisfying the needs of those who want to take care of their health and their families’, still keeping in mind the good of the environment. OnlyBio products consist of at least 99% natural components, and the main cleansing agent is biorafinated rapeseed surfactin. Our consumers do not have to worry about safety – our products are free of toxic substances such as SLS or SLES, as well as parabens, dyes, silicones and many other substances that affect man and nature negatively. The formulas of the products are enriched with oils that contain skin conditioning phytosterols.

środku czystości ekologiczne do pielęgnacji domu Labolatorium Naturella

OnlyEco is a range of natural, ecological and biodegradable cleaning products. Their composition is enriched with glycerine which, additionally, reduces resoiling. OnlyEco products consist of at least 99.2% natural components and therefore do not harm the environment. Their performance is based on biorafinated rapeseed surfactin, which is a high efficiency cleansing substance. Using our products, we care about nature – while washing we do not contribute to contamination or pollution of the environment. What enters the environment is what nature has created itself.